Instructions for Using This Non-standard Website!

To view a Key to Family:
Click on the family name in the menu on the right.
Click on the green “CLICK HERE!” beneath the family name on the left. (Disregard black “Sorry, we are unable to generate…” or “You’ve reached the bandwidth limit…”)
The key may be viewed, copied, or printed.

To view a Key to Species:
Each genus with more than one species has a Key to Species available. Click on the generic name, then on “CLICK HERE!” to bring up that key.  Or enter the name of the genus in the Search box at upper right.

Many genera have only one species in the U.S. Southeast, and those species are listed by their complete names. Those highlighted have a photograph in BugGuide, and clicking on that name will display it.

To back out of any screen, click on the back-arrow in upper left corner.  Clicking on the House icon above the main menu returns you to the Home Page.

Enter a genus in the “Search here” box near the top of the home page (may be typed or pasted).  Follow the same instructions as above.

The icon on the Search box may be insensitive.  If a Key fails to be displayed, double-click or click the icon more forcefully.